Table 2Mutational patterns selected by dual-NRTI therapies

NRTIMutations most frequently selectedStudyReference
ZDV or d4T + 3TC or FTCM184V (80%), TAMs (0–5%)ACTG 343[15]
ZDV/ddITAMs (80%), Q151M (8.5%)ACTG 143[16]
d4T/ddITAMs (62%), Q151M (14%)ALBI[2]
ABC/3TCM184V (7–11% ; +/− L74V)CNA 30021/30024[18]
TDF/3TCM184V (22% ; +/− K65R)GS 903[19]

ABC, abacavir; ddI, didanosine; d4T, stavudine; FTC, emtricitabine; NRTI, nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor; 3TC, lamivudine; TAMs, thymidine analogue mutations; TDF, tenofovir; ZDV, zidovudine.

From: Chapter 1, Resistance to nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors

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