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Table 1Genes involved in bud site selection and organization and in cell wall synthesis

GeneProposed function of encoded proteinReferences
ACT1Actin; cytoskeleton, bipolar bud site selection25, 28
AXL1Similar to insulin-degrading enzymes; axial bud site selection22
AXL2/BUD10Axial bud site selection23, 24
BEE1/LAS17Homologous to Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein; nucleation of actin66, 67
BEM1SH3 domains; cell polarization54
BEM2GTPase-activating protein (GAP) for Rho169, 135
BEM3GAP for Cdc4271
BEM4Chaperone for small G proteins100
BNI1, BNR1Formins; organization of actin cytoskeleton7375, 102
BOI1, BOI2Interact with Bem1101
BUD1/RSR1Small Ras-like G protein; general bud site selection12, 18
BUD2GAP for Bud11315
BUD3, BUD4Axial landmark proteins; axial budding12, 20, 21
BUD5GTP-GDP exchange factor (GEF) for Bud116, 17
BUD6, BUD7, BUD8, BUD9Bipolar budding30, 31
CDC3, CDC10, CDC11, CDC12Septins; components of the neck filament ring3740
CDC24GEF for Cdc4271
CDC42Rho-like small G protein; bud site organization, pheromone signaling49, 65, 88, 89
CDC43Geranylgeranyl transferase subunit; prenylation of Cdc4292, 93
CLA4Protein kinase; homologous to Ste20, cell morphogenesis84
FKS1, FKS2β(1 → 3)glucan synthase subunits124126
LRG1GAP for Rho proteins137
PCA1Nucleation of actin66
PKC1Protein kinase C; triggers MAP kinase cascade involved in maintenance of cell wall integrity139144
RGA1/DBM1GAP for Cdc4295, 136
RHO1Small G protein; activator of β(1 → 3)glucan synthase and protein kinase C; actin organization74, 122, 123, 139, 140
RHO2RHO1 homolog of uncertain function120
RHO3, RHO4Small G proteins; actin organization, polarity maintenance?121, 150152
ROM1, ROM2GEF for Rho1134
RVS161, RVS167Bipolar budding27, 29
SAC7GAP for Rho198
SPA2Bipolar budding26
STE20Protein kinase; pheromone signaling83, 86, 90
TOR2Phosphatidylinositol kinase; actin organization97

From: Role of Small G Proteins in Yeast Cell Polarization and Wall Biosynthesis

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