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Table 14-1Effect of Knockout of Myogenic Genes in Mice

Gene Knocked OutViableMyoblastsMuscleRole of Myogenic Protein
myoD Yes++?
myf5 Yes++?
myoD; myf5 NoRequired for myoblast formation or survival
myogenin No+Required for myoblast differentiation into muscle

+ sign indicates that myoblasts or mature muscle cells are found at normal sites;sign indicates that they are not.

SOURCE: T. G. Braun et al., 1992, Cell 71:369; P. Hasty et al., 1993, Nature 364:501; M. A. Rudnicki et al., 1992, Cell 71:383; M. A. Rudnicki et al., 1993, Cell 75:1351.

From: Section 14.2, Cell-Type Specification in Animals

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