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Figure 19-41. Microtubule dynamics during mitosis.

Figure 19-41Microtubule dynamics during mitosis

In both interphase and mitotic cells, most microtubules radiate from the microtubule-organizing centers (MTOCs), with the (−) ends of the microtubules closest to the MTOC and the (+) ends extending outward. A typical interphase cell has long microtubules; during mitotic prophase the microtubule-nucleating activity of the already replicated MTOCs (centrosomes in animal cells) increases, generating a larger number of shorter, more dynamic microtubules. In late prophase, some of the microtubules interact with kinetochores, causing the microtubules to be partially stabilized. In the metaphase mitotic apparatus, astral microtubules elongate and shorten.

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From: Section 19.5, Microtubule Dynamics and Motor Proteins during Mitosis

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