Figure 24-16. Chimeric oncoprotein resulting from chromosomal translocation.

Figure 24-16Chimeric oncoprotein resulting from chromosomal translocation

In the Trk oncoprotein, most of the extracellular domain of the normal human Trk receptor tyrosine kinase is replaced with the 221 N-terminal amino acids of nonmuscle tropomyosin. Dimerized by the tropomyosin segment, the Trk oncoprotein protein-tyrosine kinase is constitutively active. Unlike the normal Trk, which is localized to the plasma membrane, the Trk oncoprotein is found in the cytosol. [See F. Coulier et al., 1989, Mol. Cell. Biol. 9:15.]

From: Section 24.3, Oncogenic Mutations Affecting Cell Proliferation

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