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Genomes. 2nd edition.

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Table 1.2The types of genome-wide repeats in the human genome

Type of repeatSubtypeApproximate number of copies in the human genome
SINEs 1 558 000
Alu1 090 000
MIR393 000
MIR375 000
LINEs 868 000
LINE-1516 000
LINE-2315 000
LINE-337 000
LTR elements 443 000
ERV class I112 000
ERV(K) class II8000
ERV(L) class III83 000
MaLR240 000
DNA transposons 294 000
hAT195 000
Tc-175 000
Unclassified22 000

Taken from IHGSC (2001). The numbers are approximate and are likely to be under-estimates (Li et al., 2001).

From: Chapter 1, The Human Genome

Copyright © 2002, Garland Science.


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