Table 2. Population classes organize population samples by geographic region.

Population classDescriptionPopulation class in Sybase, ASN.1, and XML
Central AsiaSamples from Russia and its satellite Republics and from nations bordering the Indian Ocean between East Asia and the Persian Gulf regions.8
Central/South AfricaSamples from nations south of the Equator, Madagascar, and neighboring island nations.4
Central/South AmericaSamples from Mainland Central and South America and island nations of the western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Eastern Pacific.10
East AsiaSamples from eastern and south eastern Mainland Asia and from Northern Pacific island nations.6
EuropeSamples from Europe north and west of Caucasus Mountains, Scandinavia, and Atlantic islands.5
Multi-NationalSamples that were designated to maximize measures of heterogeneity or sample human diversity in a global fashion. Examples include OEFNER|GLOBAL and the CEPH repository.1
North AmericaAll samples north of the Tropic of Cancer, including defined samples of United States Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and the NHGRI polymorphism discovery resource (NCBI|NIHPDR).9
North/East Africa and Middle EastSamples collected from North Africa (including the Sahara desert), East Africa (south to the Equator), Levant, and the Persian Gulf.2
PacificSamples from Australia, New Zealand, Central and Southern Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asian peninsular/island nations.7
UnknownSamples with unknown geographic provinces that are not global in nature.11
West AfricaSub-Saharan nations bordering the Atlantic north of the Congo River and central/southern Atlantic island nations.3

From: Chapter 5, The Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Database (dbSNP) of Nucleotide Sequence Variation

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