Table 72Mean energy and macronutrient intake among persons 20–74 years of age, by sex and age: United States, 1971–1974 through 2001–2004
[Data are based on dietary recall interviews of a sample of the civilian noninstitutionalized population]
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Sex and age 1971–1974 1976–1980 1988–1994 2001–2004
Energy intake in kcals
Male, age-adjusted12,4502,4392,6642,693
Male, crude2,4612,4592,6922,697
 20–39 years2,7842,7532,9642,949
 40–59 years2,3032,3152,5672,649
 60–74 years1,9181,9062,1042,117
Female, age-adjusted11,5421,5221,7961,886
Female, crude1,5401,5251,8041,884
 20–39 years1,6521,6431,9562,032
 40–59 years1,5101,4731,7341,836
 60–74 years1,3251,3221,5201,622
Percent kcals from carbohydrate
Male, age-adjusted142.442.648.348.2
Male, crude42.442.748.348.2
 20–39 years42.
 40–59 years41.641.547.847.1
 60–74 years44.844.149.747.3
Female, age-adjusted145.446.050.750.6
Female, crude45.546.150.750.6
 20–39 years45.846.050.651.4
 40–59 years44.445.050.049.6
 60–74 years46.848.652.651.1
Percent kcals from total fat
Male, age-adjusted136.936.733.933.4
Male, crude36.936.733.933.4
 20–39 years37.
 40–59 years36.937.234.234.1
 60–74 years36.436.832.934.9
Female, age-adjusted136.136.033.433.8
Female, crude36.035.933.333.8
 20–39 years36.336.033.633.0
 40–59 years36.336.434.034.6
 60–74 years34.934.731.634.0
Percent kcals from saturated fat
Male, age-adjusted113.513.211.310.8
Male, crude13.513.211.410.8
 20–39 years13.613.111.510.7
 40–59 years13.513.411.310.9
 60–74 years13.313.110.911.0
Female, age-adjusted113.012.511.210.9
Female, crude12.912.511.210.9
 20–39 years13.012.611.410.9
 40–59 years13.112.611.311.1
 60–74 years12.411.810.410.6

Age-adjusted to the 2000 standard population using three age groups, 20–39 years, 40–59 years, and 60–74 years. Age-adjusted estimates in this table may differ from other age-adjusted estimates based on the same data and presented elsewhere if different age groups are used in the adjustment procedure. See Appendix II, Age adjustment.

NOTES: Numbers have been revised and differ from previous editions of Health, United States. Estimates of energy intake include kilocalories (kcals) from all foods and beverages, including alcoholic beverages, consumed during the preceding 24 hours. Individuals who reported no energy intake were excluded. In 2001–2004, only data collected in the Mobile Examination Center were used to calculate dietary intake. Standard errors are available in the spreadsheet version of this table. Available from: www​

SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

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