Table 114Community hospital beds and average annual percentage change, by geographic division and state: United States, selected years 1960–2004
[Data are based on reporting by a census of hospitals]
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Geographic division and state 1960 1,2 1970 1 1980 1 1990 3 2000 3 2004 3 1960–1970 1,2 1970–1980 1 1980–1990 4 1990–2000 3 2000–2004 3
Beds per 1,000 resident population5Average annual percent change
United States3.−1.9−2.4−0.9
New England3.−1.9−3.0−1.0
 New Hampshire4.−0.9−0.3−2.3−2.9−1.1
 Rhode Island3.−0.5−1.7−3.2−1.1
Middle Atlantic4.−1.1−1.9−2.3
 New Jersey3.−1.3−2.1−4.5
 New York4.−0.2−0.9−1.6−1.5
East North Central3.−1.8−2.9−0.9
West North Central4.−1.7−2.3−1.3
 North Dakota5.−0.6−1.5−1.7
 South Dakota4.−0.21.0−0.71.3
South Atlantic3.−1.9−2.4−1.8
 District of Columbia5.−0.10.4−2.71.7
 North Carolina3.−2.4−1.3−0.9
 South Carolina2.−1.7−1.3−1.8
 West Virginia4.−1.6−0.7−1.7
East South Central3.−0.8−2.1−0.7
West South Central3.−2.1−2.3−0.8
 New Mexico2.−1.2−1.0−3.80.0

Data exclude facilities for the mentally retarded. See Appendix II, Hospital. 21960 data include hospital units of institutions such as prisons and college infirmaries.


Starting with 1990 data, hospital units of institutions, facilities for the mentally retarded, and alcoholism and chemical dependency hospitals are excluded. See Appendix II, Hospital.


1990 data used in this calculation (not shown in table) exclude only facilities for the mentally retarded, consistent with exclusions from 1980 data.


Civilian population for 1997 and earlier years.

NOTE: Data for additional years are available. See Appendix III.

SOURCES: American Hospital Association (AHA): Hospitals. JAHA 35(15):383–430, 1961 (Copyright 1961: Used with permission of AHA); National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Health Care Statistics and AHA Annual Survey of Hospitals for 1970, 1980; Hospital Statistics 1991–1992, 2001–2006 Editions. Chicago, IL. (Copyrights 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001–2006: Used with permission of Health Forum LLC, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association.)

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