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National Center for Health Statistics (US) . Health, United States, 2005: With Chartbook on Trends in the Health of Americans. Hyattsville (MD): National Center for Health Statistics (US); 2005 Nov.

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Health, United States, 2005: With Chartbook on Trends in the Health of Americans.

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Overall responsibility for planning and coordinating the content of this volume rested with the Office of Analysis and Epidemiology, National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), under the direction of Amy B. Bernstein and Diane M. Makuc.

Production of Health, United States, 2005, highlights, trend tables, and appendixes was managed by Kate Prager. Trend tables were prepared by Amy B. Bernstein, Alan J. Cohen, Margaret A. Cooke, La-Tonya D. Curl, Catherine R. Duran, Sheila Franco, Virginia M. Freid, Ji-Eun Lee, Andrea P. MacKay, Mitchell B. Pierre, Jr., Rebecca A. Placek, Kate Prager, Laura A. Pratt, and Henry Xia, with assistance from Stephanie N. Gray. Appendix II tables and the index were assembled by Anita L. Powell. Production planning and coordination of trend tables were managed by Rebecca A. Placek. Administrative and word processing assistance were provided by Carole J. Hunt, Lillie C. Featherstone, and Brenda L. Wolfrey.

Production of the Chartbook on Trends in the Health of Americans was managed by Virginia M. Freid. Production of the Special Feature on Adults 55-–64 Years of Age was managed by Amy B. Bernstein. Data and analysis for specific charts were provided by Amy B. Bernstein, Margaret A. Cooke, Sheila Franco, Virginia M. Freid, Deborah D. Ingram, Ellen A. Kramarow, Ji-Eun Lee, Andrea P. MacKay, Patricia N. Pastor, and Kate Prager. Graphs were drafted by La-Tonya D. Curl and data tables were prepared by Rebecca A. Placek. Technical assistance and programming were provided by Lara Akinbami, Alan J. Cohen, Catherine R. Duran, Lois Fingerhut, Richard F. Gillum, Mitchell B. Pierre, Jr., Henry Xia, and Marc W. Zodet.

Publications management and editorial review were provided by Demarius V. Miller. Oversight review for publications and electronic products was provided by Linda L. Bean. The designer was Sarah Hinkle. Production was done by Jacqueline M. Davis and Zung T. Le. Printing was managed by Patricia L. Wilson and Joan D. Burton.

Electronic access through the NCHS Internet site and CD-ROM were provided by Christine J. Brown, Jacqueline M. Davis, Dorothy Day, Zung T. Le, Demarius V. Miller, Sharon L. Ramirez, and Patricia L. Wilson.

Data and technical assistance were provided by staff of the following NCHS organizations: Division of Health Care Statistics: Irma E. Arispe, Catharine W. Burt, Donald K. Cherry, Carol J. DeFrances, Marni J. Hall, Esther Hing, Lola Jean Kozak, Karen L. Lipkind, Linda F. McCaig, Robert Pokras, Susan M. Schappert, Jane E. Sisk, and Genevieve W. Strahan; Division of Health Examination Statistics: Lisa Broitman, Margaret D. Carroll, Bruce Dye, and Clifford L. Johnson; Division of Health Interview Statistics: Patricia F. Adams, Veronica E. Benson, Barbara Bloom, Viona I. Brown, Margaret L. Cejku, Pei-Lu Chiu, Robin A. Cohen, Richard H. Coles, Marcie Cynamon, Achintya Dey, Cathy C. Hao, Kristina Kotulak-Hays, Susan S. Jack, Jane B. Page, Eve Powell-Griner, Jeannine Schiller, Charlotte A. Schoenborn, Mira L. Shanks, Anne K. Stratton, and Luong Tonthat; Division of Vital Statistics: Robert N. Anderson, Elizabeth Arias, Anjani Chandra, Thomas D. Dunn, Brady E. Hamilton, Donna L. Hoyert, Kenneth D. Kochanek, Marian F. MacDorman, Joyce A. Martin, Gladys M. Martinez, T.J. Mathews, Arialdi M. Minino, William D. Mosher, Sherry L. Murphy, Gail A. Parr, Manju Sharma, Stephanie J. Ventura, and Jim Weed; Office of Analysis and Epidemiology: Mark S. Eberhardt, Lois Fingerhut, Deborah D. Ingram, Richard J. Klein, and Patricia A. Knapp; and Office of International Statistics: Juan Rafael Albertorio-Diaz and Francis C. Notzon.

Additional data and technical assistance were also provided by the following organizations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Epidemiology Program Office: Samuel L. Groseclose and Patsy A. Hall; National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: Joy Herndon, Sherry Everett Jones, Laura K. Kann, Steve Kinchen, Shari L. Shanklin, and Lilo T. Strauss; National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention: Melinda Flock and Luetta Schneider; National Immunization Program: Natalie J. Darling and Meena Khare; by the following organizations within the Department of Health and Human Services: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: David Kashihara and Steven Machlin; Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: Cathy A. Cowan, Cherron A. Cox, Frank Eppig, Denise F. Franz, David A. Gibson, Deborah W. Kidd, Helen C. Lazenby, Katharine R. Levit, Anna Long, Joanne S. Mack, Anne B. Martin, and Carter S. Warfield; National Institutes of Health: Jessica Campbell, Catherine C. Cowie, and Lynn A. G. Ries; Office of the Secretary, DHHS: Mitchell Goldstein; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: Daniel Foley, Joseph C. Gfroerer, and Ronald Manderscheid; and by the following governmental and nongovernmental organizations: U.S. Bureau of the Census Bureau: Joseph Dalaker and Bernadette D. Proctor; Bureau of Labor Statistics: Alan Blostin, Stella Cromartie, Kay Ford, Daniel Ginsburg, Elizabeth Rogers, John Stinson, and Peggy Suarez; Department of Veterans Affairs: Michael F. Grindstaff; Alan Guttmacher Institute: Rebecca Wind; American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy: Jennifer M. Patton; American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine: Carol E. Gill; American Dental Education Association: Richard Weaver; Association of Schools of Public Health: Mah-Sere K. Sow; Cowles Research Group: C. McKeen Cowles; and InterStudy: Richard Hamer.

All those associated with Health, United States would like to give their special thanks to

Dr. Kate Prager

who is retiring this year. In her capacity as Special Assistant for Health, United States for the past 13 years, Dr. Prager's painstaking review of everything from the validity of the content to the formatting of footnotes has ensured that all aspects of the book are accurate and accessible. She has performed the work of analyst, technical editor, manager, government liaison, and every other possible role involved in producing a book of this scope and has done so with skill, dedication, and patience. We would like to express our gratitude for all she has contributed to the publication over the years and wish her well in her post-Health, United States life. She will be greatly missed.

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