Data table for figure 24. Visits to physician offices and hospital outpatient departments by sex and age: United States, 1996–2003
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NOTE: See Chartbook Figure 24.

1996–97 1998–99 2000–2001 2002–03
Both sexesVisits in thousands
 Under 18 years178,143172,228189,609202,841
 18–44 years260,687271,465282,616288,063
 45–54 years109,646121,157142,323154,672
 55–64 years88,141100,882117,109129,913
 65–74 years103,035104,393120,115119,510
 75 years and over93,369102,899119,108129,122
 Under 18 years91,60788,93597,771105,322
 18–44 years83,09188,85392,45193,258
 45–54 years42,87746,52656,11561,388
 55–64 years38,12143,54248,33052,830
 65–74 years43,71145,03951,40851,657
 75 years and over36,91538,92647,13349,863
 Under 18 years86,53683,29391,83897,520
 18–44 years177,597182,612190,165194,805
 45–54 years66,76974,63086,20893,284
 55–64 years50,02057,34068,77977,084
 65–74 years59,32559,35468,70867,853
 75 years and over56,45463,97371,97579,259
1996–97 1998–99 2000–2001 2002–03
Rate SE Rate SE Rate SE Rate SE
Both sexesNumber of visits per 100 persons
 Under 18 years250.110.2239.310.4262.210.7278.612.3
 18–44 years240.67.7250.29.1257.910.4261.58.3
 45–54 years334.111.3346.211.5371.512.9385.613.8
 55–64 years414.713.6444.615.3473.817.0479.515.7
 65–74 years567.719.4583.821.8663.525.3661.723.1
 75 years and over676.425.1708.431.3770.131.5804.128.5
 Under 18 years251.211.3241.511.2264.211.3282.913.4
 18–44 years155.16.0166.36.7171.08.0171.06.6
 45–54 years267.69.8272.711.1300.212.1313.513.2
 55–64 years376.414.2402.316.8408.417.2406.415.3
 65–74 years537.420.1558.523.4627.725.1629.024.1
 75 years and over698.229.2689.434.1798.432.2803.732.6
 Under 18 years248.99.7236.910.7260.111.1274.112.1
 18–44 years324.410.7331.713.7342.614.4350.212.3
 45–54 years397.614.9416.314.3439.516.3454.417.1
 55–64 years449.616.4483.117.2533.920.8547.019.8
 65–74 years592.222.6604.625.0693.030.9688.927.1
 75 years and over662.925.5720.432.7752.634.9804.330.2

SE Standard error.

NOTES: For 1996–99 data, population estimates are 1990-based postcensal estimates as of July 1 and are adjusted for net underenumeration using the 1990 National Population Adjustment Matrix from the U.S. Census Bureau. For data years 2000 and beyond population estimates are based on the 2000 census. See Appendix I, Population Census and Population Estimates. See related Health, United States, 2005, table 88. Starting with Health, United States, 2005, data from 2001 and onwards use a revised weighting scheme. See Appendix I, National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.

SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey and National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.

From: Chartbook on Trends in the Health of Americans

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Health, United States, 2005: With Chartbook on Trends in the Health of Americans.
National Center for Health Statistics (US) .
Hyattsville (MD): National Center for Health Statistics (US); 2005 Nov.

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