Table 104Persons employed in health service sites, according to sex: United States, selected years 2000–04
[Data are based on household interviews of a sample of the civilian noninstitutionalized population]
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Site 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Both sexesNumber of persons in thousands
All employed civilians1136,891136,933136,485137,736139,252
All health service sites212,21112,55813,06913,61513,817
 Offices and clinics of physicians1,3871,4991,5331,6731,727
 Offices and clinics of dentists672701734771780
 Offices and clinics of chiropractors120111132142156
 Offices and clinics of optometrists951021139293
 Offices and clinics of other health practitioners3143140149250274
 Outpatient care centers772830850873885
 Home health care services548582636741750
 Other health care services41,0271,1011,188943976
 Nursing care facilities1,5931,5681,7151,8771,858
 Residential care facilities, without nursing652668689601618
All health service sites22,7562,7782,8382,9863,067
 Offices and clinics of physicians354379370414424
 Offices and clinics of dentists158150151163158
 Offices and clinics of chiropractors3239475363
 Offices and clinics of optometrists2627292924
 Offices and clinics of other health practitioners33841426369
 Outpatient care centers186185172200203
 Home health care services4551545665
 Other health care services4304345362297314
 Nursing care facilities195189223267251
 Residential care facilities, without nursing177185193181164
All health service sites29,4579,78210,23210,63110,750
 Offices and clinics of physicians1,0341,1201,1641,2591,302
 Offices and clinics of dentists514551584607623
 Offices and clinics of chiropractors8872859093
 Offices and clinics of optometrists6975846469
 Offices and clinics of other health practitioners310699106186204
 Outpatient care centers586646678673683
 Home health care services503531582685685
 Other health care services4723756826646662
 Nursing care facilities1,3981,3801,4921,6111,607
 Residential care facilities, without nursing475483496420454
Both sexesPercent of employed civilians
All health service sites8.
Percent distribution
All health service sites100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
 Offices and clinics of physicians11.411.911.712.312.5
 Offices and clinics of dentists5.
 Offices and clinics of chiropractors1.
 Offices and clinics of optometrists0.
 Offices and clinics of other health practitioners31.
 Outpatient care centers6.
 Home health care services4.
 Other health care services48.
 Nursing care facilities13.012.513.113.813.4
 Residential care facilities, without nursing5.

Excludes workers under the age of 16 years.


Data for health service sites for men and women may not sum to total for all health service sites for both sexes due to rounding.


Includes health service sites such as acupuncture, nutritionists' offices, speech defect clinics, and other offices and clinics. For a complete list of clinics under this category, see www​​/ioindex/cens_797_847.html, Census Industry Code 808.


Includes health service sites such as ambulance services, blood banks, CT-SCAN (computer tomography) centers, and other offices and clinics. For a complete list of clinics under this category, see www​​/ioindex/cens_797_847.html, Census Industry Code 818.

NOTES: Annual data are based on data collected each month and averaged over the year. Health service sites are based on the 2002 North American Industry Classification System. See Appendix II, Industry of employment.

SOURCES: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey: Employment and Earnings, January 2005 at www​ (table 18) and unpublished data.

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