Table 107.3Effect of Intravesical Chemotherapy on Recurrence in Controlled Studies

Recurrence (%)
SeriesPatients (n)ControlTreatmentBenefit (%)P
Burnand et al.51975839.001
Byar & Blackard88604713.016
Nocks et al.426465-1NS
Asahi et al.1?637370NS
Schulman et al. (1980)1??52493NS
Pavone-Macaluso (1980)94602337.01
Koontz et al.93664026.02
Zincke et al.58713041.002
Prout et al.90766412.05
Totals1,009624517% Adv
Mitomycin C
Huland & Otto5840733.01
Niijima et al.27846379NS
Kim & Lee4368671NS
Tolley et al.397654223.001
Rübben et al.8342357NS
Totals859523715% Adv
Niijima et al.288453015.05
Zincke et al.59713239.01
Kurth et al.155483513NS
Rübben et al.22061565NS
Totals722563818% Adv
Kurth et al.209592831.0004
Overall Totals2,799584117% Adv

Adv = advantage; NS = not significant.

From: Chapter 107, Bladder Cancer

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