Table 61.2Genetically Altered Tumor Cell Vaccine Trials 76– 90

CancerGenetically Altered Vaccine
Cells transfected with interferon-gamma gene
Cells transfected with IL-2 gene
Cells transfected with GM-CSF gene
Fibroblasts transfected with IL-12 gene
Cells transfected with IL-2 gene, HLA-A2 matched
Cells transfected with IL-2 gene, HLA-A1 andHLA-A2 matched
Cells transfected with IL-4 gene
Cells transfected with IL-6 and IL-6R genes (mixed with autologous cells)
Renal carcinomaAutologous cells transfected with GM-CSF gene
Allogeneic cells transfected with IL-2 gene,HLA-A2 matched
Colorectal carcinomaAutologous fibroblasts transfected with IL-2 gene
Small cell lung carcinomaAutologous cells transfected with IL-2 gene
Glioblastoma multiformeAutologous fibroblasts transfected with IL-2 gene (mixed with autologous cells)

From: Chapter 61, Active Specific Immunotherapy with Vaccines

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