Table 159.4Internet Portal Search Engines

Alta-VistaFast free-text searchinghttp://www​
AOL NetFindSearches Web sites, phone numbers, business information, maps and directions, e-mail addresses, newsgroups, personal web sites.http://www​
DogpileSearches multiple search enginshttp://www​
EuroseekEuropean sourcehttp://www​
ExciteConcept searchinghttp://www​
GoogleFree-text searching adding a page's popularity from Sanfordhttp://www​
HotbotSearches multiple search engines simultaneouslyhttp://www​
Northern LightFree-text searches are categorizedhttp://www​
ProfusionSearches major search engines and filters the resultshttp://www​
WebcrawlerMetasearch enginehttp://www​
YahooSubject guide and ree-text searchinghttp://www​

From: Chapter 159, Oncology and the Information Revolution

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