Table 86.26Randomized Trials of Cisplatin/5-Fluorouracil vs. Other Agent(s)

AuthorNo.Agents% Response (complete)Survival
Recurrentp = NS
Kish52840PF vs. PF (bolus)72(22) vs. 20(10)*p = NS
Jacobs521104PF vs. P/F32(6) vs. 17(4)/13(2)†p = NS
Liverpool524200PF vs. P/M/PM24(6) vs. 29(2)/12(0)/22(0)p = NS

Significant difference (p < .01).

PF vs. P, p = .035; PF vs. F, p = .005.

P = cisplatin; F = 5-fluorouracil; NS = not significant (p > .05).

From: Chapter 86, Head and Neck Cancer

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