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Table 100.4Published Experience with Local Excision for Periampullary Neoplasms

First author (y)Number of patientsNumber benignNumber malignant*Number recurred
Farouk22 (1991)6333†
Asbun23 (1993)11831†
Branum24 (1996)2618811‡
Rattner21 (1996)14950
Farnell20 (2000)525017

includes neuroendocrine histology and adenocarcinoma.

All patients who recurred had pathologic evidence of carcinoma following initial local excision (invasive or in situ).

Six of eight with adenocarcinoma (includes both local and distant recurrence) and 5 of 18 with benign histologies (local recurrences only).


contained carcinoma in situ, not invasive carcinoma.

From: Chapter 100, Neoplasms of the Ampulla of Vater

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