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Table 141.3Complications from Parenteral Nutrition

Complications from catheterizationPneumo-, hydro- and hemothorax
Pneumo-, hydro- and hemomediastinum
Air embolism
Catheter embolism
Catheter misplacement
Subclavian artery injury
InfectionLocal infection
Tunnel infection
Metabolic abnormalitiesHypernatremia or hyponatremia
Hyperchloremic acidosis
Hyperosmolar dehydration
Hyperosmolar coma
Trace element deficiency
Essential fatty acid deficiency
Hepatic dysfunctionLiver functional abnormalities
Fatty metamorphosis of the liver
Refeeding syndrome*

cardiac decompensation secondary to overhydration, salt retention, and electrolyte abnormalities, as well as metabolic abnormalities.

Modified from Ohnuma.25

From: Chapter 141, Anorexia and Cachexia

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