Table 64.7Stem Cell Factor

Chromosomal localization312q22-12q24
Natural forms of SCFTransmembrane and solubleBoth forms are biologically active
Major sites of productionMarrow stromaIL-1 and TNF increase stromal SCF production
Hematopoietic cells
Gut epithelial cells
Central nervous system Thymus
Skin keratinocytes
Selected biologic activities• Promotes hematopoiesis at multiple levels
• Influences primordial germ cell and melanocyte migration during embryonic life
• Affects immunoregulatory cells (B and T cells, mast cells, NK cells, dendritic cells
• Influences hematopoietic cell adhesive properties
Receptorc-kitAlso known as CD117: Encoded on 4q11-q13 (piebald locus)
Natural antagonistsSoluble c-kit receptor
Major clinical trials• Peripheral blood progenitor mobilization (SCF = G-CSF better than SCF alone)Mast cell-mediated allergic reactions can be attenuated by antihistamine premedication
• Aplastic anemia (trilineage responses seen)

SCF = stem cell factor; IL-1 = interleukin-1; TNF = tumor necrosis factor; NK = natural killer; G-CSF = granulocyte colony stimulating factor.

From: Chapter 64, Hematopoietic Growth Factors

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