Table 116.1Scoring System for Gestational Trophoblastic Tumors Based on Prognostic Factors

Age (years)≤ 39> 39
Antecedent pregnancyHydatidiform moleAbortionTerm
hCG (IU/L)103103–104104–105105
ABO groupsO × AB
(female × male)A × OAB
Largest tumor, including uterine tumor3–5 cm5 cm
Site of metastasesSpleen, kidneyGI tract, liverBrain
No. of metastases identified1–44–88
Prior chemotherapysingle drug2 or more drugs

Interval: Time (months) between end of antecedent pregnancy and start of chemotherapy.

The total score for a patient is obtained by adding the individual scores for each prognostic factor. Total score: < 4 = low risk; 5–7 = intermediate risk; ≥ 8 = high risk.

Data from World Health Organization.51

From: Chapter 116, Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

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