Table 138D.5Treatment and Prognosis for Childhood Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Stage and HistologyChemotherapy RegimenCooperative GroupLength of TherapySurvival (3–5 yrs) (%)Reference
Stages I and II (St. Jude’s) or group A (FAB)COPAD ASFOP6 wk9557
B large or small noncleaved-cellCOMP
LymphoblasticCOMPCCG6 mo8558
BFM-NHLBFM8 wk9061
Stages III and IV (St. Jude’s) or groups B and C (FAB) B small noncleavedLMB-89SFOP6 mo80–9057
OrangeCCG8 mo70–8058
NCI-89-C-41NCI6 mo70–8069
Total-BPOG4 mo60–8065, 66, 67
BMF-NHLBFM4 mo60–8061
Lymphoblastic(AD) COMPCCG18–24 mo7072, 75
LSA-L2CCG/POG18–24 mo7070, 71, 72, 73
BMF-NHLBFM18–24 mo9061, 74
Large cell B immunoblasticCOMP (D)CCG18–24 mo60–7072, 76
APO (+)POG18 mo60–7077, 78
LMB -89SFOP4–6 mo9057, 68
OrangeCCG4–6 mo9062
BFM-NHLBFM4–6 mo70–8061
NCI-89-C-41NCI4–6 mo80–9069
AnaplasticCHOP/MACOP-BSt. Jude’s6 mo7580
BFM-NHL-BBFM6 mo8079
HM 89-91SFOP6–8 mo60–7081

From: Chapter 138D, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Children

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