Table 35.3Complete Response Rates for Tumors Treated with Radiation Therapy Alone or in Combination with Hyperthermia

Complete Response Rate
Authors (yr)No. Patients (No. Fields or Lesions)Type of TrialRadiation Dose (Gy)Radiation AloneRadiation Plus Hyperthermia (%)P-value
A.  Local Regional Metastases from Breast Cancer
Low-dose radiation
Hoffman et al. (1984)23 (90.81%) breast metastases)Nonrandomized30–50 (median 38)Not performed61
Steves et al. (1986)20Matched pair20–563145< .05
Lindholm et al. (1987)11Paired lesions303566
van der zee et al. (1988)66Nonrandomized controls (15 fields)<29724
Nonrandomized (10 fields)30–362058
Gonzalez35Nonrandomized18–60Not performed60
Gonzales, et al. (1988)(45)(median 24)
Dragovic et al. (1989)30Nonrandomized32Not performed57
Kapp et al. (1989)85Nonrandomized(median 30.6)Not performed68
Perez et al. (1989)20Randomized32 3355.062
Seegenschmiedt et al. (1989)49Nonrandomized(mean 36.8)Not performed52
Full-dose radiation
Scott et al. (1984)17Paired lesions48–6647†94†
Perez et al. (1986)7Nonrandomized historical controls (53 patients)5051†86†
Scott et al. (1988)54Nonrandomized60–70Not performed85†
B.  Advanced Neck Node Metastases from Head and Neck Cancers
Arcangeli et al. (1985)38Nonrandomized40–704279< .05
(81)One lesion in radiation field selected for hyprthermia
Valdagni et al. (1986)27Historical controls (45 patients: radiation dose≥60–65 Gy), as above20–703559.095
≥ 603568.034
Valdagni et al. (1988)(19)Prospectively randomized64–703782.015
Scott et al. (1988)41Nonrandomized60–70Not performed51†
C.  Superficially Located Metastases from Melanoma
Kim et al. (1982)38Nonrandomized matched pair and paired lesions38.5–42.94669≥ 0.01
Kim et al. (1982)(97)As for kim et al., 198239.6–40.04566
Hoffman et al. (1984)12Nonrandomized30Not performed73
(6 Gy × 5)
Gonzalez(18)Nonrandomized controls245083
Gonzales, et al. (1986)(6 fields)(8 Gy × 3)
Arcangeli et al. (1987)17Nonrandomized controls30.0–40.05376
Overgaard10Matched pair15–272073< .05
Overgaard et al.(25)(5–9 Gy × 3)
67Nonrandomized and matched pair24–275991< .05
(8–9 Gy × 3)
Emani et al. (1988)18Nonrandomized controls< 20–>602459.0003
(49)(67 lesions)

Lesions < 3 cm diameter.

Local control at 6 months.

From: Chapter 35, Principles of Hyperthermia

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