Table 124.3Representative Regimens for AML

Cytarabine +100-200 mg/m2Continuous IV infusion1–7 days
Daunorubicin or45mg/m2IV1–3
Idarubicin or12 mg/m2IV1–3
Mitoxantrone12 mg/m2IV1–3
Cytarabine3 g/m2 q12hIV (over 3 hours)1, 3, 5 (6 doses)
Cytarabine1.5–2 g/m2q12hIV (over 1 hour)1–4 (8 doses)
1-6 (12 doses)
Cytarabine100 mg/m2Continuous IV infusion1–5

See text for details about number of courses and patient selection for different regimens.

From: Chapter 124, Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Adults

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