Table 124.1Karotypic Abnormalities in AML

Cytogenic AbnormalityFAB MorphologyMedian Age (years)Approximate incidence in de novo AML Prognostic EffectComments
t(8;21)M2305–7%FavorableAuer rods usually present
abn 16q22M4 with eosinophilia35–405%FavorableHigh reinduction rate postrelapse
abn 11q23M5>503%PoorHyperleukocytosis
del 5, del 7, 5q-7q-, or combinationsVaried; common in FAB M6>6015–20%PoorCommon in pts with 2o AML, MDS
inv 3Varied; increased platelet count?<1%PoorIncreased plt count; other abnormalities common (del 5, del 7)
+13Varied; sometimes undifferentiatedProbably >602%PoorPossible increased frequency of “hybrid” features
t(6;9) (p2;q34)M2/M4?<1%PoorProminent basophilia
t(9;22)Usually M1Probably >501%PoorSplenomegaly

DFS = disease-free survival.

DIC = disseminated intravascular coagulation.

From: Chapter 124, Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Adults

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