Table 89.3Staging Proposed by Chahinian53,54

Stage IT1, N0, M0
Stage IIT1-2, N1, M0
T2, N0, M0
Stage IIIT3, any N, M0
Stage IVT4, and N, M0, any M1

T = Primary tumor; T1 = Limited to ipsilateral pleura only (parietal pleura, visceral pleura); T2 = Superficial local invasion (diaphragm, endothoracic fascia, ipsilateral lung, fissures); T3 = Deep local invasion (chest wall beyond endothoracic fascia); T4 = Extensive direct invasion (opposite pleura, peritoneum, retroperitoneum); N = Lymph nodes; N0 = No positive lymph node; N1 = Positive ipsilateral hilar nodes; N2 = Positive mediastinal nodes; N3 = Positive contralateral hilar nodes. M = Metastases; M0 = No metastases; M1 = Metastases; blood-borne or lymphatic.

From: Chapter 89, Malignant Mesothelioma

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