Table 84Injury-related visits to hospital emergency departments by sex, age, and intent and mechanism of injury: United States, average annual 1995-96, 1998–99, and 2001–2002
[Data are based on reporting by a sample of hospital emergency departments] Click here for spreadsheet version

Sex, age, and intent and mechanism of injury 1 1995–96 1998–99 2001–2002 1995–96 1998–99 2001–2002
Both sexesInjury-related visits in thousandsInjury-related visits per 10,000 persons
All ages2,336,08137,36139,2731,360.91,378.31,398.9
All ages2,320,03020,44521,4211,530.71,535.21,556.3
Under 18 years26,2386,0546,0701,720.21,644.31,634.7
Unintentional injuries45,4785,1904,8171,510.51,409.71,297.2
 Struck by or against objects or persons1,0111,3981,378278.9379.7371.1
 Motor vehicle traffic453388366125.0105.598.5
 Cut or pierce493505361136.0137.197.1
Intentional injuries29022219080.060.351.1
18–24 years22,9802,9483,1412,396.92,295.12,316.9
Unintentional injuries42,4232,3192,1701,948.71,805.31,600.8
 Struck by or against objects or persons387389436311.0303.1321.7
 Motor vehicle traffic347412424279.4320.9313.1
 Cut or pierce304344312244.8268.2230.0
Intentional injuries335291272269.2226.5200.5
25–44 years27,2457,1127,2421,767.41,751.71,774.5
Unintentional injuries45,7575,3914,8111,404.31,327.81,178.8
 Struck by or against objects or persons619819765151.0201.6187.5
 Motor vehicle traffic912839758222.6206.6185.8
 Cut or pierce860786696209.8193.7170.7
Intentional injuries701473468171.0116.5114.6
45–64 years22,2402,8223,269883.41,011.91,036.1
Unintentional injuries41,8452,2132,132727.6793.4675.6
 Struck by or against objects or persons18619724573.370.677.6
 Motor vehicle traffic24432233296.3115.5105.2
 Cut or pierce20329030779.9104.197.3
Intentional injuries867312833.826.240.6
65 years and over21,3271,5091,7001,000.71,100.31,192.5
Unintentional injuries41,0091,1511,203760.6839.3844.3
 Struck by or against objects or persons*3910187*29.473.360.7
 Motor vehicle traffic9911314274.782.7100.0
 Cut or pierce*818591*61.1*61.763.5
Intentional injuries*1618***
All ages2,316,05116,91717,8521,186.41,217.61,238.5
Under 18 years24,3724,2904,1661,263.91,220.41,179.9
Unintentional injuries43,7603,5983,1191,087.01,023.4883.3
 Struck by or against objects or persons477689611137.9196.1172.9
 Motor vehicle traffic447394396129.3112.1112.0
 Cut or pierce25325820073.073.456.7
Intentional injuries22014720463.641.757.7
18–24 years21,9002,0492,2181,523.41,589.61,634.9
Unintentional injuries41,4301,4641,4931,146.71,135.81,100.1
 Struck by or against objects or persons134169174107.4130.8128.4
 Motor vehicle traffic373442482298.8342.7355.4
 Cut or pierce131122146105.394.8107.7
Intentional injuries239230171191.7178.6126.3
25–44 years25,0985,2575,5151,205.81,246.71,310.5
Unintentional injuries43,8773,8203,520916.8906.1836.4
 Struck by or against objects or persons38040538489.895.991.2
 Motor vehicle traffic872794851206.2188.4202.2
 Cut or pierce33847237379.8111.988.5
Intentional injuries42242237599.8100.289.2
45–64 years22,3692,8023,270873.7940.4974.2
Unintentional injuries41,8572,1092,221685.2707.9661.5
 Struck by or against objects or persons16019321058.864.862.6
 Motor vehicle traffic343317375126.5106.4111.6
 Cut or pierce12721419846.971.858.9
Intentional injuries*6411183*23.537.424.7
65 years and over22,3132,5182,6821,256.11,346.81,369.4
Unintentional injuries41,9312,0161,9971,049.01,078.11,019.8
 Struck by or against objects or persons8211915844.863.680.6
 Motor vehicle traffic16914816691.679.385.0
 Cut or pierce*427363*22.7*39.0*32.0
Intentional injuries*3423***

* Estimates are considered unreliable. Data preceded by an asterisk have a relative standard error (RSE) of 20–30 percent. Data not shown have an RSE of greater than 30 percent.


Intent and mechanism of injury are based on the first-listed external cause of injury code (E code). Intentional injuries include suicide attempts and assaults. See Appendix II, First-listed external cause of injury and Appendix II, table VII for listing of E codes.


Includes all injury-related visits not shown separately in table including those with undetermined intent (0.4 percent in 2001–02), insufficient or no information to code cause of injury (20.9 percent in 2001–02), and resulting from adverse effects of medical treatment (3.6 percent in 2001–02).


Rates are age adjusted to the year 2000 standard population using six age groups: under 18 years, 18–24 years, 25–44 years, 45–64 years, 65–74 years, and 75 years and over. See Appendix II, Age adjustment.


Includes unintentional injury-related visits with mechanism of injury not shown in table.

NOTES: An emergency department visit was considered injury related if the checkbox for injury was indicated, the physician’s diagnosis was injury related (ICD–9-CM 800–999), an external cause of injury code was present (ICD–9-CM E800-E999), or the patient’s reason for the visit was injury related. Rates for 1995–2000 were computed using 1990-based postcensal estimates of the civilian noninstitutionalized population as of July 1 adjusted for net underenumeration using the 1990 National Population Adjustment Matrix from the Bureau of the Census. Rates for 2001 and 2002 were computed using 2000-based postcensal estimates of the civilian noninstitutionalized population as of July 1. The difference between rates for 2000 computed using 1990-based postcensal estimates and rates computed using estimates based on 2000 census counts is minimal. See www​​/major/ahcd/census2000.htm. Rates will be overestimated to the exte nt that visits by institutionalized persons are counted in the numerator (for example, hospital emergency department visits by nursing home residents) and institutionalized persons are omitted from the denominator. Data for additional years are available. See Appendix III.

SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.

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