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Selected Cancers


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The committee was charged with reviewing evidence on a widely used material that is known to cause respiratory malignancy. Asbestos has been extensively investigated, epidemiologically and experimentally, as a cause of mesothelioma and lung cancer. However, its potential to cause malignancy at other sites that may also receive a substantial dose of asbestos fibers has not been as extensively investigated.

The committee considered the existing evidence from in vitro and animal experimentation to gain an understanding of mechanisms of carcinogenesis that might plausibly apply to the tissues in question and to determine the extent of toxicologic support for the development of cancers at the specified sites following asbestos exposure. Much of the information reviewed by the committee came from cohort studies of workers that focused on investigating respiratory effects and that reported information on risks of other diseases, including the cancers covered by this committee's charge, only incidentally. Other evidence came from case-control studies that were directed at the causes of the cancers of interest but that were not specifically designed to address asbestos exposure, and their exposure assessments were of varied quality.

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