Figure 1. Overview of vulval development.

Figure 1

Overview of vulval development. Left lateral view of nuclei, indicated by circles. (Open circles) Nuclei of P6.p and its descendants, produced by execution of the 1o fate; (closed circles) nuclei of P5.p and P7.p and their descendants, produced by execution of the 2o fate; (gray circles) nuclei of P3.p, P4.p, and P8.p and their progeny, produced by execution of the 3o fate. Times given are hours from hatching at 20°C. (Based on Sulston and Horvitz 1977.) (A) VPCs during the L3 stage, at the time that their fates are specified; (B) VPC daughters (L3 stage); (C) VPC granddaughters (L3 stage); (D) vulval cells (L4 stage); (E) mature vulva (adult).

From: Section I, Introduction and Overview

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