TABLE 8-6Mean Shares of Household Income by Source: Social Security, SSI, Pensions, Income of Extended-Household Members, 1997–2001 Pooled

National Origin (Birthplace) Households with Head Age 65 or Older
1st: Foreign-Born 2nd: U.S.-Born, Foreign-Both Parents 3+: U.S.-Born, Born Parent U.S.-Born*
Fraction of Household Income
      Social Security 0.533 0.532 0.593
      SSI 0.086 0.042 0.032
      Private pensions 0.039 0.099 0.094
      Extended-household members**0.219 0.177 0.147
Central America
      Social Security 0.420
      SSI 0.095
      Private pensions 0.090
      Extended-household members**0.199
Puerto Rico
      Social Security 0.634
      SSI 0.125
      Private pensions 0.053
      Extended-household members** 0.113
Dominican Republic
      Social Security 0.460 0.515
      SSI 0.247 0.016
      Private pensions 0.022 0.145
      Extended-household members**0.185 0.097
      Social Security 0.563
      SSI 0.121
      Private pensions 0.049
      Extended-household members**0.104
South America
      Social Security 0.418
      SSI 0.041
      Private pensions 0.099
      Extended-household members**0.166
All Hispanics (self-identity)*
      Social Security 0.540 0.526 0.588
      SSI 0.107 0.039 0.031
      Private pensions 0.051 0.098 0.105
      Extended-household members**0.163 0.177 0.127
Black non-Hispanics (self-identity)*
      Social Security 0.583
      SSI 0.046
      Private pensions 0.112
      Extended-household members**0.139
White non-Hispanics (self-identity)*
      Social Security 0.550
      SSI 0.010
      Private pensions 0.137
      Extended-household members**0.062

The samples for Hispanics overall and for 3+ generation Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and black and white non-Hispanics are identified by the “subjective” Spanish-origin and race questions in the CPS.


Excluding only income of the head and spouse.

SOURCE: Pooled March CPS files, 1998–2002. Means are simple averages across households, using household weights. Households with zero or negative total income, or containing persons with negative income from any source, are excluded. Results for Hispanics are shown only for cells with at least 90 observations. Box indicates combined groups.

From: 8, Economic Well-Being

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