Table 2Retroviruses Containing Oncogenes

Biochemical function of oncogene productOncogeneVirus(es)OriginTumora Mode of
Nonreceptor PTK src RSVchickensarcomav-src nonemultiple isolates Rous (1911); Payne (1992)
fps FuSV-ASVchickensarcoma gag-fps fusionALV fes homolog Fujinami and Inamoto (1914)
PRCII-ASVchickensarcoma gag-fps fusionALV Carr and Campbell (1958)
PRCIV-ASVchickensarcoma gag-fps fusionALV Carr and Campbell (1958)
UR1-ASVchickensarcoma gag-fps fusionALV Balduzzi et al. (1981)
16L-ASVchickensarcoma gag-fps fusionALV Neel et al. (1982a)
fes ST-FeSVcatsarcoma gag-fes fusionFeLV fps homolog Snyder and Theilen (1969)
GA-FeSVcatsarcoma gag-fes fusionFeLV Gardner et al. (1970)
HZ1-FeSVcatsarcoma gag-fes fusionFeLV Snyder et al. (1984)
yes Y-73-ASVchickensarcoma gag-yes fusionALV Itohara et al. (1978)
ESV-ASVchickensarcoma gag-yes fusionALV Wallbank et al. (1966)
fgr GR-FeSVcatsarcoma gag-actin-fgr fusionFeLV Rasheed et al. (1982)
TP1-FeSVcatsarcoma gag-fgr fusionFeLV Ziemiecki et al. (1984)
abl Ab-MLVmousepre-B lymphoma gag-abl fusionMo-MLV Abelson and Rabstein (1970)
HZ2-FeSVcatsarcoma gag-abl-pol fusionFeLV Besmer et al. (1983b)
Receptor PTK ros UR2-ASVchickensarcoma gag-ros fusionALVrelated to insulin receptor Balduzzi et al. (1981)
erbB AEV-ES4chickenerythroblastosisv-erbB ALVEGF receptor; also has v-erbA Engelbreth-Holm and Rothe-Meyer (1935)
AEV-Rchickenerythroblastosisv-erbB ALValso has v-erbA Engelbreth-Holm and Rothe-Meyer (1935)
AEV-Hchickenerythroblastosisv-erbB ALVrepresentative of many strains carrying only v-erbB Hihara et al. (1983)
fms SM-FeSVcatsarcoma gag-fms fusionFeLVCSF-1 receptor McDonough et al. (1971)
HZ5-FeSVcatsarcoma gag-fms fusionFeLV Besmer et al. (1986a)
kit HZ4-FeSVcatsarcoma gag-kit fusionFeLVSCL receptor Besmer et al. (1986b)
sea S13-AEVchickenerythroblastosis/ sarcoma env-sea fusionALVHGFR family member Beug et al. (1985)
eyk RPL30chickensarcoma env-eyk fusionALVformerly called ryk Fredrickson et al. (1964); Jia et al. (1992)
G protein ras K Ki-MSVratsarcoma/erythroleukemiav-ras Ki-MLValso has VL30 sequences Kirsten and Mayer (1967)
NY-FeSVcatsarcoma?v-ras FeLV Youngren and deNoronha (1983)
ras H Ha-MSVratsarcoma/erythroleukemiav-ras Mo-MLValso has VL30 sequences Harvey (1964)
RaSVratsarcoma/erythroleukemia gag-ras fusionRaLVisolated in vitro Rasheed et al. (1978)
Ba-MSVmousehemangiosarcomav-ras ecotropic MLV v-onc formerly called bas; virus formerly called 138-MSV Peters et al. (1974)
MHV-MSVmousehistiocytosisv-ras Fr-MLV Franz et al. (1985)
C58-MSVmousesarcoma/erythroleukemiav-ras ecotropic MLV Fredrickson et al. (1987)
Serine/ threonine kinase raf 3611-MSVmousesarcoma gag-raf fusionendogenous MLVsame as mil Rapp et al. (1983a)
mil MH2chickensarcoma/carcinoma/ myelocytoma gag-mil fusionALVsame as raf; also has v-myc Begg (1927)
R-mil IC10chicken?none gag-mil-env fusionRAV-1representative of several isolates derived in vitro; homolog of B-raf Marx et al. (1988)
akt AKT8mouseT-cell lymphoma gag-akt ecotropic MLV Staal et al. (1977)
mos Mo-MSVmousesarcoma env-mos fusionMo-MLV Moloney (1966)
Gz-MSVmousesarcomav-mos ecotropic MLV Gazdar et al. (1972)
MPV-MSVmousesarcoma/erythroleukemia, myeloid proliferationv-mos Fr-MLV Chirigos et al. (1968)
Growth factor sis SSVmonkeysarcoma env-sis fusionSSAVPDGF β-chain Wolff et al. (1971)
PI-FeSVcatsarcoma gag-sis fusionFeLV Irgens et al. (1973)
Adapter protein crk CT-10-ASVchickensarcoma gag-crk fusionALV Mayer et al. (1988)
ASV-1chickensarcoma gag-crk fusionALV Tsuchie et al. (1989)
Transcription factor ski SKV-ASVchickennone gag-ski-pol gag-pol-ski tdB77isolated in vitro Stavnezer et al. (1981)
erbA AEV-ES4chickenerythroblastosis gag-erbA fusionALVthyroid hormone receptor; also has v-erbB Engelbreth-Holm and Rothe-Meyer (1935)
AEV-Rchickenerythroblastosis gag-erbA fusionALValso has v-erbB Engelbreth-Holm and Rothe-Meyer (1935)
jun ASV-17chickensarcoma gag-jun fusionALVAP-1 component Cavalieri et al. (1985)
fos FBJ-MSVmouseosteosarcomav-fos ecotropic MLVAP-1 component Finkel et al. (1966)
FBR-MSVmouseosteosarcoma gag-fos-fox fusionecotropic MLV Finkel et al. 1973, 1975
NK-24chickenfibrosarcoma nephroblastoma gag-fos fusionALV Nishizawa et al. (1987)
myc MC29chickenmyelocytoma/ carcinoma gag-myc fusionALVcomplexes with Max Ivanov et al. (1964)
MH2chickencarcinoma/ myelocytomav-myc ALValso has v-mil Begg (1927)
CMIIchickenmyelocytoma/ carcinoma gag-myc fusionALV Loliger (1964)
OK10chickencarcinoma/ myelocytoma gag-pol-myc fusion, v-myc ALV Oker-Blom et al. (1975, 1978)
FH3chickencranial myelocytoma gag-myc fusionALV Chen et al. (1989)
GT3catT-cell lymphomav-myc FeLVrepresentative of several isolates Neil et al. (1984); Levy et al. (1984); Mullins et al. (1984); Onions et al. (1987)
myb BAI-AMVchickenmyeloblastosisv-myb ALV Hall et al. (1941)
E-26-AMVchickenmyeloblastosis erythroleukemia gag-myb-ets fusionALV Ivanov et al. (1962)
rel REV-Tturkeyreticuloendotheliosis env-rel-env fusionREAVNF-κB family member Robinson and Twiehaus (1974)
ets E26-AMVchickenerythroblastosis/ myeloblastosis gag-myb-ets fusionALV Ivanov et al. (1962)
maf AS42chickensarcoma gag-maf fusionALVbZip protein; can interact with Jun and Fos Kawai et al. (1992)
qin ASV-31chickensarcoma gag-qin fusionALVwinged helix family member Li and Vogt (1993)
Unclassified cbl Cas NS-1mousepre-B lymphoma/ myeloid leukemia gag-cbl fusionCas-MCFnuclear and cytoplasmic, binds DNA Langdon et al. (1989)
mpl MPLVmousemyeloproliferative disease env-mpl fusionFr-MLVcytokine receptor family member Wendling et al. (1986)

An explanation of the abbreviations used for the viruses in this table can be found in Appendix 1.


The type(s) of tumor that is most commonly found is listed. In many cases, a broader spectrum of tumors can be obtained depending on the age and genetic background of the host and the route of inoculation.

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