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TABLE 46.6

Mutants defective in proteoglycan assembly

StrainBiochemical defectPhenotype
pgsA (CHO)XT-1: xylosyltransferaselack of HS and CS
pgsB (CHO)GalT-I: galactosyltransferase Ilack of HS and CS
pgsG (CHO)GlcAT-I: glucuronyltransferase Ilack of HS and CS
pgsD (CHO)EXT-1: GlcA and GlcNAc transferaseHS deficient and accumulates CS
ldlD (CHO)UDP-Glc/UDP-GlcNAc-4-epimeraselack of CS when starved for N-acetyl- galactosamine and fed galactose
lack of all GAG chains when starved for galactose
Lec8UDP-Gal transporterreduced KS
pgsC (CHO)sulfate transporternormal GAG biosynthesis due to salvage of sulfate from oxidation of sulfur containing amino acids
pgsE (CHO)NDST1: GlcNAc N-deacetylase/N-sulfotransferaseundersulfated HS
pgsF (CHO)heparan sulfate 2-O-sulfotransferasedefective 2-O-sulfation of uronic acids in HS; defective FGF-2 binding
pgsH (CHO)6OST-1: HS 6-O-sulfotransferasereduced 6-O-sulfation of glucosa- mine residues
Mouse LTA cells3OST-1: GlcNS 3-O-sulfotransferasedefective 3-O-sulfation of GlcNS units; defective antithrombin binding

From: Chapter 46, Glycosylation Mutants of Cultured Cells

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