Publication Details

  • ROBERT R. BASS (Chair), Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems
  • TIA POWELL (Vice Chair), Montefiore-Einstein Center for Bioethics
  • MARGARET L. BRANDEAU, Stanford University Department of Management Science and Engineering
  • BRAD BREKKE, Target Corporation
  • ROBERT L. BURHANS, New York State Department of Health (Retired)
  • LOUIS ANTHONY (TONY) COX, JR., Cox Associates
  • ROBERT S. HOFFMAN, New York City Poison Control Center
  • DANIEL LUCEY, Georgetown University Medical Center
  • KEVIN MASSEY, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • ERIN MULLEN, Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America
  • JOANNE M. NIGG, University of Delaware Department of Sociology
  • HERMINIA PALACIO, Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services, Texas
  • ANDREW PAVIA, University of Utah Health Sciences Center
  • STEPHEN M. POLLOCK, University of Michigan Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • REED V. TUCKSON, UnitedHealth Group
  • JEFFREY S. UPPERMAN, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Study Staff

  • CLARE STROUD, Study Director
  • BRUCE M. ALTEVOGT, Senior Program Officer
  • NEAL GLASSMAN, Senior Program Officer, Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications
  • KRISTIN VISWANATHAN, Research Associate
  • TONIA E. DICKERSON, Senior Program Assistant
  • THERESA WIZEMANN, Consultant Writer
  • RONA BRIERE, Consultant Editor

Board Staff

  • ANDREW M. POPE, Director, Board on Health Sciences Policy
  • VICTORIA BOWMAN, Financial Associate
  • DONNA RANDALL, Administrative Assistant