TABLE B-6Race/Ethnicity of Workers, 2009–2010

 Type and N StudiesChild Care WorkersPreschool and Kindergarten TeachersFCC Providers
White, non-Hispanic (%)(II) 570.5–78.675.6–82.769.3–85.5
African American, non-Hispanic (%)(II) 515.8–18.013.4–16.58.7–10.1
Hispanic/Latina (%)(II) 516.2–19.19.6–11.435.5–39.5
American Indian or Alaska Native (%)(III) 2 0.9 (1997)–1.2 (2006) 
Asian or Pacific Islander (%)(II) 22.6–
Multiracial/biracial, other (%)(II) 55.0–10.43.9–5.75.9–17.2

NOTE: FCC: Family Child Care. CPS and ACS data in this table reflect standard federal occupational and industry codes. Groups are not subsets of each other.

SOURCE: Except for estimates for percentage American Indian or Alaskan Native, which come from the Head Start FACES, data come from unpublished tabulations of data from the CPS (2010) and the ACS (2009). U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, February 2011.

From: B, Commissioned Papers

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