Table 21Outcomes by length of time interval in decompensated population assessing BNP

Outcome MeasuresFollowup Months
All-cause mortality
Kellett,183 2008A
Singer,194 2009A
Maisel,176 2004A
Boisot,214 2008ADC
Peacock,217 2011A
Maisel,3 2010A
Cohen-Solal,196 2009ADC
Nunez,205 2010A
Allen,210 2011A
Núñez,198 2008A
Arenja,106 2011A
Dieplinger,204 2009A
Reichlin,188 2010A
Dunlay,193 2009A
Noveanu,215 2011ASD
Rehman,216 2008A
Sakhuja,213 2007A
Gegenhuber,182 2007A
Coyne,211 2011A
Neuhold,192 2010DC
Rychli,208 2011A
Stoiser,179 2006D
Cardiovascular mortality
Arques,209 2011NRA
Zairis,187 2010A
Nunez,205 2010A
Sun,181 2007A
Rychli,208 2011A
All-cause morbidity
Allen,210 2011A
CV morbidity
Singer,194 2009A
Stoiser,179 2006D
Neuhold,192 2010DC
Cardiovascular mortality and cardiovascular morbidity
Parissis,202 2007A
Valle,184 2005A
Cournot,180 2006ADC
Cournot,200 2008DC
Nahum,189 2010A
Dokainish,185 2005AD
Composite of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular morbidity
Maisel,212 2011AD
Pimenta,206 2009D
Maisel,176 2004A
Xue,207 2010D
Aspromonte,178 2007D
Valle,203 2008AD
Faggiano,190 2009A
Farmakis,191 2008AC
Feola,199 2008D
Logeart,177 2004AD
Parissis,195 2009A
Dhaliwal,197 2009ADC
Stoiser,179 2006D
Composite of all-cause mortality and all-cause morbidity
Di Somma,186 2010AD
Valle,201 2008DC
Allen,210 2011A

XI vertical line indicates intermittent endpoint measurement




median; A=Admission BNP used; D=Discharge BNP used, C=Change in BNP for admission to discharge used

From: Results

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