Table 170Substance abuse medications, by category of medication: expenditures, United States, 2002–2010

[Data are based on a nationally representative survey of retail pharmacies]

Category of medicationExpenditures (thousands of dollars)
All substance use disorders$40,804$44,172$86,059$172,503$281,027$474,304$754,109$1,087,148$1,271,896
 Alcohol use disorders40,80437,66037,73656,06569,60883,87182,96381,16280,313
  Disulfiram (Antabuse©)11,92911,04911,0719,8389,85515,79419,78120,37220,386
  Naltrexone (ReVia© & Depade©)28,87526,61126,64423,69322,79923,25322,59623,83324,890
  Acamprosate (Campral©)122,53435,15236,75033,88129,89125,993
  Long-acting injectable naltrexone (Vivitrol©)28,0726,7047,0669,045
 Opioid use disorders36,51348,323116,438211,419390,433671,1471,005,9871,191,583
  Buprenorphine HCI (Subutex©)41,2237,70916,54830,51148,83064,82078,26038,337
  Buprenorphine HCI/naloxone5 (Suboxone©)5,28940,61499,890180,908341,602606,327927,7281,153,246

Data not available.


Campral was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July 2004.


Vivitrol was approved by FDA in April 2006.


Methadone is not included because methadone dispensed in methadone clinics is not included in this dataset.


Subutex was approved by FDA in October 2002 and began selling in January 2003.


Suboxone was approved by FDA in October 2002 and began selling in January 2003.

NOTES: Prescription fills cannot be linked to individual diagnoses. An unknown number of prescriptions for substance abuse medications may have been prescribed for other purposes, such as pain management.

Estimates were adjusted to 2012 dollars using the GDP Price Index. The index is compiled by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis.

As an example of how to interpret the estimates in the table, in 2002, there were approximately $11.9 million in expenditures on prescription fills for Disulfiram in the United States.

SOURCE: National Prescription Audit (NPA) Plus™ database. IMS Health; 2002–2010. .

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