Table 7-3Ongoing Studies on RDX

InvestigatorAffiliationResearch descriptionSponsor
Ram, MTriton Systems, Inc. Auburn UniversityIn situ near real-time detection of RDX in soilU.S. Army
Li, JUniversity of FloridaEnhanced quadrupole resonance technology for explosive detectionNSF
Indacochea, JEUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoDevelopment of a nanostructured-based sensor system for reliable detection of improvised explosive devicesNSF
Scherer, JJNovaWave TechnologiesUltrasensitive, real-time explosives sensorNSF

NSF = National Science Foundation

Sources: DOD 2009; EPA 2008b; FEDRIP 2009


Cover of Toxicological Profile for RDX
Toxicological Profile for RDX.
Abadin H, Smith C, Ingerman L, et al.

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