8:30Session 5 Introduction
Moderator: David Mills, University of California, Davis
8:40Human Breast Milk
Bruce German, University of California, Davis
9:05The Resistome as a Driver of the Microbiome
Ellen Silbergeld, Johns Hopkins University
9:30Probiotic Mechanisms of Action
James Versalovic, Baylor College of Medicine
9:55Prebiotic Mechanisms of Action
George Fahey, University of Illinois
10:20Translation of Probiotic Science into Probiotic Foods
Mary Ellen Sanders, Dairy & Food Culture Technologies
10:45Developing Delivery Systems
D. Julian McClements, University of Massachusetts Amherst
11:10How the Microbiome Revolution Fuels Function Food Research—Practical Examples and Prospects
Johan van Hylckama Vlieg, Danone Research Center
11:35General Discussion
12:05 pmLunch

From: A, Workshop Agenda

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