Table 68Strength of evidence: comparative adverse events for oral selective antihistamine plus oral decongestant versus oral selective antihistamine

OutcomeSeverityCitationFavorsa Combo RDFavorsa Neither RDFavorsa Oral S-AH RDUSPSTFActive?bPt Blind?Assessor Blind?Risk of BiasConsDirPrecSOE
SedationUnspecifiedBronsky, 19951012GYYY
Grosclaude, 19971033.0GYYY
Pleskow, 20051052PNYY
Schenkel, 2002106c0.9FNYY
Sussman, 1999107c0.5GYYY
HeadacheUnspecifiedBronsky, 19951012GYYY
Grosclaude, 19971032.8GYYY
Grubbe, 20091040.6PYYY
Pleskow, 20051051PNYY
Chervinsky, 2005102d0PIntYY
Schenkel, 2002106c1.5FNYY
Sussman, 1999107c2GYYY
InsomniaUnspecifiedBronsky, 19951014*GYYY
Grosclaude, 199710311.1*GYYY
Grubbe, 20091046.5*PYYY
Pleskow, 20051054*PNYY
Chervinsky, 2005102d8PIntYY
Schenkel, 2002106c4.2FNYY
Sussman, 1999107c9.4GYYY
AnxietyUnspecifiedBronsky, 19951014.0*GYYY
Grosclaude, 19971032.2*GYYY
Pleskow, 20051051PNYY
Schenkel, 2002106c2.1FNYY
Sussman, 1999107c1.4GYYY

Combo = Combination; Dir = direct; F = fair; G = good; (Im)Prec = (im)precision; (In)Cons = (in)consistent; Insuf = insufficient; Int = intermediate; Mod = moderate; N = no; P = poor; Pt = patient; RD = risk difference; S-AH = selective antihistamine; SOE = strength of evidence; USPSTF = U.S. Preventive Services Task Force; Y = yes.


Values are not statistically significant unless otherwise indicated. “Favors” indicates avoidance of harm.


The process of harms ascertainment was characterized as active, passive, or intermediate as defined in the Methods section.


Denominator was reports, not patients. Confidence limits not calculated to assess strength of evidence.


Unclear if denominator was reports or patients, confidence limits not calculated to assess strength of evidence.


p<0.05, calculated by CER authors.

From: Results

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