Figure 15. . Lamprey retinal photoreceptors.

Figure 15.

Lamprey retinal photoreceptors. Photoreceptors of Geotria australis, a southern hemisphere species (A, B), and of Petromyzon marinus, a northern hemisphere species (C, D, E). A, Outer segment, showing ordered stacking of sac-like membranes. From Collin & Trezise (85). B, Schematic of G. australis photoreceptors, showing the five distinct morphologies, and making a tentative assignment of the five classes of opsins (based on personal communication from Shaun P Collin). Abbreviations: m, mitochondria; n, nucleus; os, outer segment; yp1, yp2, yellow pigments 1 and 2. Modified from Collin (10). C, D: Outer segment ultrastructure, for long (C) and short (D) photoreceptors of P. marinus. E, Synaptic ribbons in the synaptic terminal of long photoreceptor (LR). C, D and E from Dickson & Collard (84).

From: Evolution of Phototransduction, Vertebrate Photoreceptors and Retina

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