9Towards a blueprint for developing, implementing, and evaluating a national hand hygiene improvement programme within health care

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Based on the current evidence and experience from existing national hand hygiene improvement programmes (including national campaigns), this part concludes with an outline of the steps required in the development of a national strategy for action on hand hygiene improvement. Central to the strategy is the process required to progress from an initial desire to focus on hand hygiene improvement down to the actions required at a local health-care facility level to implement the WHO multimodal strategy. The WHO Implementation Strategy incorporates the evidence relating to implementation effectiveness within its core Guide to Implementation and accompanying toolkit for improvement (http://www.who.int/gpsc/country_work/en/). Table IV.9.1 presents a detailed framework for action, summarized in Figure IV.1.

Table IV.9.1. Framework for action.

Table IV.9.1

Framework for action.

Figure IV.1. Action framework.

Figure IV.1

Action framework.