Local health facilityDistrict/regional/provincial levelNational level
  1. Surveillance and reporting:
    • recognize cases of measles;
    • collect information on cases and contacts;
    • arrange for laboratory confirmation of first 5–10 cases.
  2. Management of cases:
    • confirm cases;
    • provide treatment;
  3. Supply and logistics:
    • determine needs and request additional support as needed.
  4. Public information management and public education:
    • provide information on the outbreak and control activities to the proper higher authorities;
    • promote public awareness of the outbreak and what the community should do.
  1. Surveillance and review of data.
  2. Investigation of suspected outbreaks.
  3. Intervention planning:
    • define the vaccination strategy;
    • define the geographical area to be covered;
    • define the target age group to be vaccinated and estimate the total number of individuals in the target age group;
    • define time frame for vaccination intervention;
    • define resources needed including

      vaccines and injection material;

      human resources;

      cold chain and logistic support including transport;

      communication information;

    • define a budget and potential sources of funding for the intervention;
    • ensure that there is ongoing evaluation of the intervention by measuring vaccination coverage to verify that the objective is being achieved.
  4. Define the communication strategy needed to increase community awareness and involvement, monitoring the course of the outbreak and control measures.
  5. Dispatch weekly summaries of outbreak surveillance data to relevant government authorities and health facilities.
  6. Commence planning for an evaluation of the intervention.
  1. Public information management:
    • notifying the outbreak to WHO;
    • organizing laboratory confirmation and shipment of specimens for viral isolation;
    • convening a national outbreak coordinating committee and assigning duties;
    • assisting in field investigation;
    • providing assistance in obtaining emergency supplies, technical and support personnel;
    • assessing and obtaining resources.

From: Annex 2, The outbreak coordination committee

Cover of Response to Measles Outbreaks in Measles Mortality Reduction Settings
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