9Role of WHO in prevention and control of tuberculosis associated with air travel

WHO, in cooperation with competent intergovernmental organizations and other partners, seeks to facilitate the prevention and control of TB during air travel, including through the following activities, in response to requests from WHO Member States:

  1. Provision of technical guidance on the conduct of contact investigations and the appropriate interventions.
  2. Provision of advice, based on current international policies, on the prevention and treatment of TB and follow-up interventions for close contacts.
  3. Assistance in identifying and facilitating contact with appropriate authorities in countries where contact-tracing is advised for travellers following potential exposure to TB during a commercial flight.
  4. Facilitation, in the case of incidents involving health authorities in several countries, of cooperation between countries and coordination of the international response to the event.
  5. Provision of information and guidance to national health authorities regarding the application of relevant IHR provisions, including contact with the national IHR focal point, assessment of events and appropriate interventions.