Table 3Probe and Analog Submissions to MLSMR (BioFocus DPI) for muIAP Inhibitors

Probe - CID 50919367
Probe/AnalogMLS_ID (BCCG)MLS_ID (MLSMR)CIDSIDSource (vendor or synthesized)Amt (mg)Date ordered/submitted
0454667MLS003873799CID 50919367SID 124756790Synthesized26.610/25/2011
Analog 10454682MLS003873800CID 24790974SID 117695555Synthesized20.710/25/2011
Analog 20454689MLS003873801CID 51035365SID 117695562Synthesized21.910/25/2011
Analog 30454687MLS003873802CID 24790980SID 117695560Synthesized20.410/25/2011
Analog 40454683MLS003873803CID 51035367SID 125311365Synthesized22.510/25/2011
Analog 50466802MLS003873804CID 53384787SID 125311575Synthesized20.810/25/2011

From: A Selective Murine Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase (muIAP) Inhibitor

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