Table 1aKLF5 PubChem AIDs: SRIMSC Assays (HTS & SAR)

StageAssay Name and AIDSamples TestedActive
HTS (Liquids)KLF5 Primary (full deck:1X%INH) AID 1700290,893672
IEC6 Cytox Counterscreen (full deck: 1X%INH) AID 1825290,8932,264
KLF5 Confirmation (3X%INH) AID 1834610484
IEC6 Cytox Counterscreen (3X%INH) AID 1905610340
IEC6 Cytox Confirmation (3X%INH) AID 19071,9231,221
IEC6 Cytox Dose Response (3XCC50) AID 1972122122
KLF5 Dose Response (3XIC50) AID 1973122119
IEC6 Cytox Dose Response Counterscreen (3XIC50) AID 197512223
Late Stage (Powders)IEC6 Cytox Counterscreen (3XIC50) Round 0 AID 2749240
KLF5 Dose Response (3XIC50) Round 0 AID 27502424
IEC6 Cytox Counterscreen (3XIC50) Round 1 AID 4349563713
KLF5 DRUN (3XIC50) (3XIC50) Round 1 AID 4349573713

From: ML264: An Antitumor Agent that Potently and Selectively Inhibits Kr├╝ppel-like Factor Five (KLF5) Expression: A Probe for Studying Colon Cancer Development and Progression

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