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Evidence Table 1. Study characteristics (MS Word, 52K)

Evidence Table 2. Populations (MS Word, 62K)

Evidence Table 3. Interventions (MS Word, 48K)

Evidence Table 4. Benefits KQ 1 and 2, Part 1 (MS Word, 51K)

Evidence Table 5. Benefits KQ 1 and 2, Part 2 (MS Word, 45K)

Evidence Table 6. Subgroup analysis, Part 1 (MS Word, 43K)

Evidence Table 7. Subgroup analysis, Part 2 (MS Word, 45K)

Evidence Table 8. Harms, Part 1 (MS Word, 44K)

Evidence Table 9. Harms, Part 2 (MS Word, 45K)

Evidence Table 10. Study risk of bias: All studies (MS Word, 42K)

Evidence Table 11. Systematic reviews (MS Word, 69K)


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