Appendix Table E5Thromboembolic events

StudyTreated EventsTreated TotalControl EventsControl TotalDrug
Aapro 20082923113231Epoetin
Bamias 2003072172Epoetin
Blohmer 201121273129Epoetin
Case 1993281376Epoetin
Chang 20051917614178Epoetin
Dammacco 2001569176Epoetin
Debus 20063819223191Epoetin
Engert 20104564544644Epoetin
Fujisaka 2011189092Epoetin
Goss 20051652252Epoetin
Grote 20051210911115Epoetin
Gupta 2009057059Epoetin
Henke 2003101806171Epoetin
Henry 1995667865Epoetin
Hoskin 200941332149Epoetin
Leyland-Jones 20053644825456Epoetin
Littlewood 2001142515124Epoetin
Machtay 2011272068Epoetin
Milroy 20111818913191Epoetin
Moebus 200793055288Epoetin
Osterborg 200511700173Epoetin
Pronzato 201041091111Epoetin
Ray-Coquard 200951104107Epoetin
Razzouk 200661122110Epoetin
Rose 19949142279Epoetin
Savonije 200572111104Epoetin
Thomas 20081058555Epoetin
Tsuboi 2009162058Epoetin
Wilkinson 200610121160Epoetin
Witzig 200591686165Epoetin
Hedenus 200361751169Darbepoetin
Hernandez 20091619411192Darbepoetin
Overgaard 200972553259Darbepoetin
Pirker 20086530143296Darbepoetin
Untch 20112031817396Darbepoetin
Vansteenkiste 200271555159Darbepoetin
Glaspy 20063761142598Darb vs. Epo
Schwartzberg 200421572155Darb vs. Epo
Waltzman 20051717720175Darb vs. Epo

From: Appendix E, Data Used in Meta-Analyses and Not Included in the Text

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Grant MD, Piper M, Bohlius J, et al.

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