Appendix Table E1Hematologic response

StudyTreated EventsTreated TotalControla EventsControl TotalDrug
Aapro 200815723132232Epoetin
Bamias 20031572272Epoetin
Boogaerts 20036313317129Epoetin
Case 199346791074Epoetin
Chang 200511517511175Epoetin
Dammacco 20013866666Epoetin
Henry 19953164461Epoetin
Iconomou 20032557755Epoetin
Littlewood 200117224422115Epoetin
Milroy 2011371895191Epoetin
ML17620 200629611460Epoetin
Oberhoff 1998381147104Epoetin
Osterborg 200511417046173Epoetin
Razzouk 20066311139111Epoetin
Rose 1994671421379Epoetin
Savonije 200514320831100Epoetin
Witzig 200512016552164Epoetin
Hedenus 200310417431170Darbepoetin
Katakami 20085710321104Darbepoetin
Kotasek 2003a83218Darbepoetin
Kotasek 2003b81718Darbepoetin
Kotasek 2003c234629Darbepoetin
Kotasek 2003d172818Darbepoetin
Kotasek 2003e203519Darbepoetin
Kotasek 2003f204019Darbepoetin
Glaspy 2002A31593853Darb vs Epo
Waltzman 200574177101175Darb vs Epo

For darbepoetin versus epoetin control is epoetin, otherwise placebo

From: Appendix E, Data Used in Meta-Analyses and Not Included in the Text

Cover of Epoetin and Darbepoetin for Managing Anemia in Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment
Epoetin and Darbepoetin for Managing Anemia in Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment: Comparative Effectiveness Update [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 113.
Grant MD, Piper M, Bohlius J, et al.

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