Table 5. Minumum legal drinking age laws: descriptive information about included studies

Number of studies
Papers meeting inclusion criteria4630,36-80
Papers excluded, limited execution quality1338,49,57,59,62-64,69-72,76,77
Qualifying papers3330,36,37,39-48,50-56,58,60,61,65-68,73-75,78-80
Papers reporting additional information on already-included studies378-80
Actual number of qualifying studiesa3330,36,37,39-48,50-56,58,60,61,65-68,73-75
Study designs
Time series with concurrent comparison group1630,36,40,42,48,52,53,55,61,65-68,73-75
Time series, no concurrent comparison group239,50
Before-after with concurrent comparison group1537,41,43-47,51,54,56,58,60
Outcomes reported
Fatal injury crashes or crash fatalities2230,36,37,39,41,43-47,50,53-55,61,65-68,73-75
Fatal and nonfatal injury crashes842,48,51,52,60
Other crash types440,52,56,58

Four studies from a single paper60 qualified for review.

From: Reviews of Evidence Regarding Interventions to Reduce Alcohol-Impaired Driving

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