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Table 3Probe and Analog Submissions to MLSMR (BioFocus DPI) for APJ Antagonists

Probe - CID7217941
Probe/AnalogMLS_ID (SBCCG)MLS_ID (MLSMR)CIDSIDSource (vendor or SBCCG syn)Amt (mg)Date ordered/Submitted
0437359MLS003389520CID 7217941SID 103061721SBCCG syn2503/20/11
Analog 10437362MLS003389521CID 7217946SID 110167731SBCCG syn2003/20/11
Analog 20437497MLS003389522CID 46905029SID 104222780SBCCG syn2003/20/11
Analog 30437386MLS003389524CID 7217947SID 99213141SBCCG syn2003/20/11
Analog 40437385MLS003389523CID 7217942SID 104222782SBCCG syn2003/20/11
Analog 50437462MLS003389525CID 46905018SID 104222781SBCCG syn2003/20/11

From: Functional antagonists of the Apelin (APJ) receptor

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