CID/ML#Target NameThallium flux assay IC50 (nM) [SID 134418982, AID 623887]Anti-target NamesAnti-target percent inhibition at 10 μMAnti-target thallium assay IC50 (μM) [SID 134418982, AID 623894]Thallium assay flux (FDSS)
Fold Selectivity*
KCNK9 Qpatch: IC50 (nM) [SID 134418982, AID 623898]KCNK3 Qpatch: IC50 (nM) [SID 134418982, AID 623915]Qpatch Fold Selectivity
CID 56928204

KCNK9130 nMKir2.120.55NDNA41332007.7
KCNK9 non-induced (parental)6.94NDNA

Selectivity = anti-target IC50/KCNK9 IC50

ND = not determined due to insufficient inhibition to generate a valid IC50 value

NA = not applicable

Selectivity = anti-target IC50/KCNK9 IC50

From: Development of a Selective Chemical Inhibitor for the Two-Pore Potassium Channel, KCNK9

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